Executive Team

The Arabian Airlines executive team comprises of highly motivated individuals who dedicate time to keep the airline and business proposal alive. With real world aviation experience throughout all sectors, the Arabian Airlines Executie Team exemplifies the true meaning of dedication, expertise and professionalism.

Mahmoud Fadli

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer of Arabian Airlines is Mahmoud A. Fadli. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall management of the airline, and the CEO is the first and final authority in the company. The CEO is responsible for overseeing the airline’s growth and facilitating a profitable and safe business enterprise. Working closely with the operations staff, the CEO ensures that the airline meets all of the regional business regulations.

Karan Khanna

Chief Operations Officer

The Chief Operations Officer of Arabian Airlines is Karan Khanna. The Chief Operations Officer is directly responsible for all operations of the airline. The COO prepares operational plans, executes directives from the CEO regarding airline expansion, and is the airline’s second in command. The COO oversees all operational aspects of the airline and has wide discretion to implement operational programs to guarantee the airline is operating safely and efficiently in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

To Be Announced

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer provides both operational and programmatic support to the airline. The CFO supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization. The CFO reports directly to the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and directly assists the Chief Operating Officer (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Mostafa Salem

Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources of Arabian Airlines is Mostafa Salem. The Director of Human Resources plays a vital role in the day to day management of Arabian Airlines. Tasked with the responsibility of ensuring all NDAs are signed and filed, the Human Resources Director is the first line of legal defense for the airline.

Mohammed Haque

Director of Technology

The Director of Technology of Arabian Airlines is Mohammed (Syam) Haque. The Director of Technology is responsible for maintaining the airline’s entire technical infrastructure, and works closely with the Executive Management team to grow the company through the use of technological resources. The Director of Technology will direct the airline’s IT department to attain the Airline’s goals established in the Airline’s strategic growth plan.

Maher Ibaza

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations of Arabian Airlines is Maher Ibaza. Public Relations are the heart and soul of an airline’s image. At Arabian Airlines, the Director of Public Relations is among the most important and demanding staff positions. Working closely with the airline’s CEO, the Director of Public Relations pushes the airline’s image out into the world and interacts with pilots and staff alike in keeping the airline’s high class profile intact.

Operations Team

The Operations Team, or Ops. for short, comprises of real world pilots and aviation professionals that are specifically selected to manage airline's aircraft operations.

Daniel Desjardins

A32S Chief Pilot

The Airbus A32S Chief Pilot of Arabian Airlines is Captain Daniel Desjardins. The A32S Chief Pilot is directly responsible for the technical operation of the A319, A320 and A321 fleet. Tasked with producing aircraft manuals, company aircraft minimums, and performance calculations, the A32S Chief Pilot works closely with the Chief Operations Officer to guarantee that the airline’s fleet successfully accomplishes each mission safely and reliable. The A32S Chief Pilot is also in charge of producing a list of minimum requirements for pilot operational conduct, including the administration of the A32S First Officer and A32S Captain (PIC) examinations.

Development Team

The Development Team at Arabian Airlines is committed to enchancing the immersive experience that comes with flying for the airline. Lead by Jakob Bohme, the Development Team is presently assigned to updating numerous sceneries in the region that specifically apply to the airline's operations.

Jakob Bohme

Director of Project Development

The Director of Project Development of Arabian Airlines is Jakob Bohme. Arabian Airlines spends a large amount of its monetary resources investing in scenery development for the VATSIM Network. The Queen Alia International Airport scenery, funded by Arabian Airlines and developed in cooperation with VATSIM Jordan, falls under the direct responsibility of the Project Developer. Future projects include Aqaba International Airport (OJAQ).