The Arabian Story

How it all Began

On a cold evening in July, a wide-eyed and imaginative aspiring pilot began to devise a concept that would become a central part of his life. He wanted to create an airline that would do more than simply fly from point A to point B, something that would be an ambassador for a country that was a foundational element of his heritage: Jordan.

The airline was to do more than simply fly the aircraft of his dreams. It would develop a service and operational philosophy that went beyond simply counting revenue and profits. His vision was for a company that viewed its employees as members of a family and its passengers as more than just guests, and one that gave back to the country that it called home. An airline that was created by ordinary people that, when they came together, could do extraordinary things.

Arabian Today

In the years since, a dedicated team of friends came together and became a family, and years of hard work and effort began to produce a concept so rich that it could not be ignored. While much has changed since July 2001, the core philosophies of Arabian continue to thrive in an environment that encourages freethinking and creative solutions. The Arabian of today strives to operate a fleet of highly advanced Airbus aircraft to destinations worldwide from its base at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. While as of this moment it is a virtual airline that simulates its operations using Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D Flight Simulator the FSLabs Airbus A319 simulation, the data and insight being gained from this unique operation is being incorporated into its business proposal.

While the countdown to the day where Arabian receives its first investments are many to count, the dream is very much alive and well as its staff continue to pour countless hours into perfecting the dream of this aspiring pilot and making it much more: a collective dream and vision.

Sixteen years later, today, this aspiring pilot remains at the helm of this company, managing its day-to-day affairs as its Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. Supported by a dream team of real world aviation professionals, the entire staff team at Arabian hopes to one day see the fruits of their labor become a reality, giving life to the Arabian Dream.